Radionics Machines Genie 9000 + Vortex Orgone Generator Package

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Radionics Machines Genie 9000 + Vortex Orgone Generator Package

Genie 9000 Manifesting Machine Pro Features:

  • Powerful Super Heavy Duty Orgone Energy Generator
  • Fully compatible with all base 10 rates.
  • 9 Rate dials
  • Vortex Ring Orgone Generator Compatible
  • Spooky2 / Rife Frequency Input **New Feature**
    • Replaces the Spooky Remote.
    • Higher scalar output than the Spooky Remote.
    • Reduced treatment times.
    • 20 volt Max Input.
    • RCA socket for easy connection.
  • Timed Homeopathic Remedy Duplication **New Feature**
    • Audio & visual timer notification.
  • Vitality Analyzer **New Feature**
  • Variable Frequency 0.5hz to 475hz.
  • Ideal for Agricultural Radionic.
  • New ResponseTek Stick Pad.
  • Audio input.
    • Connect to the computer for software frequencies.
    • Audio from your iPod, iPhone,mp3 player, or tablet.
  • Witness and Trend expansion sockets.
  • Psychotronic Broadcast System.
  • Antenna connector.
    • For connection to a larger indoor or outdoor antenna.
    • Telescopic Broadcast Antenna Included.
  • Solid Brass Witness & Trend Plates.
  • Remedy duplication.
    • Duplicate homeopathic remedies
    • Water & food charging. **New Feature**
    • Make living water.
    • Charge your food with life force energy.
  • 9v Battery and 9v 500ma mains adapter compatible.
  • Manual & Radionic Software Included

The Genie Vortex Orgone Generator

In recent times, scientists have discovered that orgone energy exists and that it can be harnessed. Learn more about this amazing discovery!

In the early 20th century, Wilhelm Reich was fascinated by the idea that human beings could use their bodies to create an invisible force field that would keep them safe from harm. He called this force "orgone energy" and believed that it could be used for good or evil.

The Vortex Ring Generator is our biggest Active Generator at the time of writing. By 'active' we mean it has to be powered by one of our compatible radionics machines, whereas many lumps of orgonite are also called orgone generators. Unfortunately, this is not correct. Plane old orgonite as what can be found on eBay and a host of other websites, no matter how pretty or ornamental it may be, is at best just a passive energy modifier or to be more accurate an orgone accumulator and does not actually generate anything, unlike a true orgone generator.

Orgonite Generator